We always appreciated the elegance and beauty of first-class pieces of jewelry, and our passion for diamonds was insatiable. The choice was obvious: to start production and sell exquisite jewelry. At first, we considered buying diamonds from the suppliers as the vast majority of jewelers do. But then we analyzed the current situation and changed our minds.

The Main Challenge

The problem is that even nowadays diamond production is an extremely dirty industry in all senses of the world. First, it harms nature. There are too many mining companies, and they make too much excavation for the planet to endure. These ugly mines are like a sore corroding the Earth.

Mining also causes an unimaginable volume of greenhouse gas emissions and leaves a significant ecological footprint. Just imagine the amount of machinery required to find just a handful of diamonds. And they all consume fuel, and they all emit exhaust gases. Poor nature suffers too much in this process.

And the third issue we saw in the traditional way of diamond production is poor conditions for workers. Underground labor is considered the most dangerous both for life and for health. Usually, the hardest and most dangerous jobs are the less paid in such companies. In some countries, it’s still quite normal to use children as workers. These terrible practices made us reconsider our values.

No, we didn’t give up the idea of making first-class jewelry with the noblest stones, but our company couldn’t just close our eyes on such issues. That’s why we found a way out and started our own diamond production. And it wasn’t another mine. We grow our diamonds in a laboratory, like a precious plant. The creation is totally green and socially responsible.

The Best Lab Grown Diamonds

Today we can proudly declare the core values of our company:

  • Careful and responsible attitude to nature and the environment.
  • Social responsibility and fighting with poor working conditions and especially kid’s labor.
  • The highest quality of production without any compromises.
  • Suing only the highest standards in our work.
  • Provision of the best customer service.

We do our best to meet these goals every day. In our catalog, you can see only the best examples of design art. Our jewelry is elegant luxurious, and we are totally sure of its quality. We try to provide only the best shopping experience starting with a convenient menu and product search on our site and ending with customer-oriented delivery and support. Each piece of jewelry is sent in a fashionable box complementing the noble nature of diamonds.

Our diamonds meet the highest industry standards. Only with special equipment can you tell the difference between them and natural stones. But since we saved money on machinery and expensive excavation works, we can offer first-class jewelry at a reasonable price. Isn’t it tempting to buy environmentally friendly and beautiful bracelets or earrings that make you feel like a queen? We work every day to make it a reality. Check our catalog and see for yourself. We’ll be glad to see you among our customers!