The Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet 11 Carat VS-VVS


The Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut diamond tennis bracelet 11ct will steal any heart with its catchy color and exquisite design. With exclusively selected premium yellow diamonds cut with precision into cushion shapes, the bracelet highlights elegance and sophistication for any event.

✦ Main Stone: Lab Grown Diamonds
✦ Main Stone Weight: 11.00ct. approx.
✦ Main Stone Clarity: VS-VVS
✦ Main Stone Color: D-F Fancy Yellow
✦ Main Stone Shape: Cushion Cut
✦ Side Stones Name: Lab Grown Diamonds
✦ Side Stones Weight: ct.
✦ IGI Certificate
✦ Metal: White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold
✦ Metal Purity: 14K, 18K
✦ Length: 20-22 cm

✧Key Features:

-Carat Weight: Revel in the magnificence of a sizable 11-carat lab-grown diamonds tennis bracelet.
-Cut: Our expertly crafted emerald cut maximizes the diamond’s sparkle and brilliance.
-Clarity (VS-VVS): Witness perfection with a diamond that is virtually free of any imperfections, visible only under a microscope.

✧Ethical Luxury:

Embrace conscious luxury with our lab-grown diamond tennis bracelet, an eco-friendly and ethical alternative to traditional mined diamonds. Each gem is created with cutting-edge technology, mirroring the beauty of natural diamonds without the environmental impact.

✧Versatile Elegance:

This exquisite diamond bracelet is a versatile addition to your collection. Its timeless design ensures it complements any style, from classic to contemporary.


Your purchase includes IGI certification of authenticity, providing assurance of the diamond’s quality and origin.

✧Why Choose Lab-Grown Diamonds?

-Environmentally Friendly: Minimize your ecological footprint with a sustainable and ethical choice.
-Conflict-Free: Support ethical practices by choosing a diamond that is free from the ethical concerns associated with traditional mining.

★ ★ ★ Each order will be beautifully packaged in a Jolan Jewelry box

Lab grown diamonds in Cyprus - Trustpilot best quality and price

We are used to the misconception that natural is always better than man-made. In the case of diamonds, nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, lab diamonds are the same noble stones as obtained in the mines, but they represent a responsible approach to nature, the environment, and society.

The process of creating models itself on the natural diamond formation. And at the same time, it reminds growing a delicate plant. At first, we need special seeds of future diamonds.

Options for shipping:
All of our packages will be delivered via Federal Express. There are two choices: Standard delivery or Express delivery.

Handling Time:
If the item is available, we’ll require 10 to 15 business days to fulfill your order. Customized orders will be delivered the next day after the order is complete and ready product.



Average Color



Diamond Bracelets, Wedding Jewelry

Gold Gram


For Him & For Her

Diamond Amount


Gold Carat



20 cm, 21 cm, 22 cm

Total Diamond Carat


Average Color

Fancy Yellow


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Lab grown diamonds in Cyprus -  best quality and price


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