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Product Availability

Each piece of jewelry we sell is made to order and designed in our Danbury, CT facility. If you’re looking for a particular item that’s currently backorder, please contact us to let us know that you the date when it will become available. Since the jewelry is manufactured at our factory it could take four to five week delay before the piece is delivered.

Information on our Site

We at Jolan jewelry lab grown diamonds, we make every effort to ensure our catalog on the internet is as precise and complete as is possible. To give you the possibility of viewing our products in clarity, some pieces might appear bigger or smaller than the actual size in our photos as each monitor on a computer is different the size of the piece may differ slightly. On our website we offer the measurements of each piece in accordance with our specifications for manufacturing.

Online Return Policy:

Jolan Jewelry is committed to total satisfaction of customers. Jolan Jewelry takes pride in the high-end and quality of the products we manufacture in our state-of-the advanced facility. We believe that you will be satisfied. If you wish to cancel your order either online or over the phone regardless of the reason; Jolan Jewelry will refund your purchased item within 15 days of the date of purchase.

Shipping charges will be deducted from the amount of refund. All items in the box must remain in their original state and safe inside the box. To protect yourself don’t write what is inside the box on the outside on the outside of the package.

Make sure to insure the package for the entire purchase price. To protect yourself Do not reveal what is inside the package. Jolan Jewelry is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by shipping. Returns must be accompanied by an original receipt for sales.

Send your item to the address listed below and ensure that your address and name appear clearly on the inside on the outside.

J4U Limited .
1Agios Tychonas , Limassol Cyprus 

Jolan Jewelry will process your return once we have received the returned package. Jewelry Designs will confirm that the jewelry returned isn’t damaged or worn out by excessive wear and tear within the 15-day period.

Exchange Policy

Exchanges must be accompanied by the original receipt for sale. The item can be swapped in the period of 30 to 99 days. Shipping charges are deducted from the amount of exchange.

In-Store Return Policy:

If you choose to return an item purchased in our store that you have made, for whatever reason, we’ll give you an entire store credit for the purchased item within 30 days of the date of the purchase.

Shipping Policy:

Options for shipping:
All of our packages will be delivered via Federal Express.
There are two choices:

standard  delivery or Express  delivery.

Handling Time:
If the item is available, we’ll require 10 to 15 business days to fulfill your order.
Customized orders will be delivered the next day after the order is complete and ready product.

All products will be shipped via Federal Express.

Every order has to be sent to a business or residence address and accompanied by a valid signature at the time of delivery. There are no other exceptions.

Limited Warranty:

Jolan Jewelry guarantee is easy and simple. If anything goes wrong due to poor manufacturing, we will deal with it. It’s a fair method to conduct business. However, precious metals degrade and stones may be damaged in time. If normal wear happens repairs can be made in-house by our experienced staff for the standard repair price. Any work completed by any jeweler other than Jewelry Designs automatically voids the warranty. THIS WARRANTY IS NOT AN INSURANCE POLICY. This warranty is the sole responsibility for the consumer to ensure that they have insurance in case of damages or losses that is not included in the warranty.

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