The Mood Color Mix 0.50 Ct 1.5mm Full Eternity Band Stackable Ring

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The Mood Color Mix 0.50 Ct 1.5mm Full Eternity Band Ring is a colorful round-cut precious stones’ full eternity band that makes a perfect stackable ring. The rainbow colors you can choose from turn this ring into an amazing gift and accessory for any mood and outfit. This exquisite piece is crafted with precision in 18K solid gold and platinum, ensuring a timeless and elegant accessory that seamlessly combines sophistication with ethical luxury.

❥ Main Stone Name: Lab grown diamonds, Precious stones
❥ Main Stone Weight: 0.50 approx.
❥ Main Stone Clarity: VS-VVS
❥ Main Stone Color: –
❥ Main Stone Shape: Round Brilliant

❥ Side Stones Name: Lab grown diamonds, Precious stones
❥ Side Stones Weight: 0.50ct approx.

❥ Side Stones Quantity: 52 approx.

❥ Metal: White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum
❥ Metal Purity: 18К
❥ Size: All sizes Available

✧Precious stones meaning

  • Pink Sapphire- Love, Wisdom, Compassion
  • Blue Sapphire- Truth, Confidence, Clarity
  • Orange Sapphire- Joy, Creativity, Love
  • Yellow Sapphire- Power, Abundance, Joy
  • Amethyst- Awareness, Intuition, Divine protection
  • Emerald- Harmony, Eternity, Romance
  • Diamond- Clarity, Imagination, Abundance
  • Ruby- Courage, Passion, Power
  • Black Diamond- Purification, Grounding, Balance

★ ★ ★ Each order will be beautifully packaged in a Jolan Jewelry box

Lab grown diamonds in Cyprus - Trustpilot best quality and price

We are used to the misconception that natural is always better than man-made. In the case of diamonds, nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, lab diamonds are the same noble stones as obtained in the mines, but they represent a responsible approach to nature, the environment, and society.

The process of creating models itself on the natural diamond formation. And at the same time, it reminds growing a delicate plant. At first, we need special seeds of future diamonds.

Options for shipping:
All of our packages will be delivered via Federal Express. There are two choices: Standard delivery or Express delivery.

Handling Time:
If the item is available, we’ll require 10 to 15 business days to fulfill your order. Customized orders will be delivered the next day after the order is complete and ready product.

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Average Color



Engagement Rings, Eternity Rings, Wedding Bands, Wedding Jewelry

Gold Gram


For Him & For Her

Diamond Amount



44(EU) F1/2(UK) 3(US), 45(EU) G(UK) 3.5(US), 46(EU) H(UK) 3.75(US), 47(EU) H1/2(UK) 4(US), 48(EU) I(UK) 4.5(US), 49(EU) J(UK) 5(US), 50(EU) K(UK) 5.5(US), 51(EU) L(UK) 5.75(US), 52(EU) M(UK) 6.5(US), 52(EU) M(UK) 6(US), 53(EU) M1/2(UK) 6.5(US), 54(EU) N(UK) 7(US), 55(EU) O(UK) 7.5(US), 56(EU) P(UK) 7.75(US), 56(EU) P(UK) 8(US), 57(EU) P1/2(UK) 8(US), 58(EU) Q(UK) 8.5(US), 59(EU) R(UK) 8.75(US), 59(EU) R(UK) 9(US), 60(EU) S(UK) 9.5(US), 60(EU) S(UK) 9(US), 61(EU) S1/2(UK) 9.5(US), 61(EU) T(UK) 10(US), 62(EU) T(UK) 10(US), 63(EU) U1/2(UK) 10.5(US), 64(EU) V(UK) 10.75(US), 65(EU) W(UK) 11(US), 66(EU) W1/2(UK) 11.5(US), 67(EU X(UK) 12(US), 68(EU) Z(UK) 12.5(US), 69(EU) Z1/2(UK) 12.75(US), 70(EU) Z+1(UK) 13(US), 71(EU) Z+2(UK) 13.5(US)

Gold Carat


Total Diamond Carat

0.5 ct, 1.50mm

Precious Stone

Amethyst, Black Diamonds, Blue Sapphire, Emeralds, Green Tsavorite, Half Blue Sapphire/ Half Amethyst, Half Blue Sapphire/ Half White Diamond, Half Emerald/ Half Pink Sapphire, Half Green Tsavorite/ Half White Diamond, Half Pink Sapphire/ Half White Diamond, Half Ruby/ Half Blue Sapphire, Half Ruby/ Half Emerald, Half Ruby/ Half Orange Sapphire, Half Ruby/ Half White Diamond, Half White/ Half Black Diamonds, Half Yellow Sapphire/ Half White Diamond, Orange Sapphire, Pink Sapphire, Rainbow, Ruby, White Diamond, Yellow Sapphire


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Lab grown diamonds in Cyprus -  best quality and price


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